James Curd – Greenskeepers – Studio 11 FMA Sampler

James Curd - Greenskeepers - Studio 11 FMA Sampler






Here’s a wonderful collection of songs available for free download on the F.M.A. courtesy of longtime friend and artist James Curd.

What people are saying….

James Curd has a new funky-licious EP out, the title track was dropped in the latest Magic Tape from The Magician and slightly weirdly RCRD LBLZ dropped a full vocal version of one of the EP tracks, “Live Forever” with no explanation at all. Was already all over this track in instrumental form and the vocalized version is like.. wow!!


Today, we are going to comment on a very common inquiry we get from many young producers who come through our studio in Chicago and book time. It is the question of whether it is useful or not to go to an audio school to pursue a career in music. With so much of the younger generation discovering a passion for music production (largely due to the affordability of powerful audio & production software), the natural move for a small percentage of them is to want to make a living engineering and producing music full time.

So just like many careers out there, the natural logic is to presume a degree is needed not only for the skill and insight but for the resume, proof of effort, etc. In addition, the idea of going to school or doing online courses in site is to learn how to play around with mixing consoles, top end audio gear and microphones is pretty enticing. So if you’ve toyed around with these questions, let us give you a few thoughts to take into consideration. Remember, the ultimate decision though is up to you and no one else, don’t ever forget that.